WebKit weekly report #34 | Haiku Project

Hello there,

Work on WebKit continued this week. In the previous report, I mentioned several issues with the new tiled rendering. Most of them turned out to be either problems in app_server or misuse of the APIs in the WebKit code. The most important part was that WebKit used region clipping and expected the region to be transformed when using SetTransform; however, with the current design, region clipping isn’t affected by the view transform. The solution was to replace the region clipping by picture clipping, using FillRegion to prepare the picture. Now the region can be sheared and rotated at will, and things will continue working properly. However, the picture clipping is too slow, and when region clipping is removed, it is always applied to the whole view. Picture clipping is currently implemented by rendering the picture to an offscreen bitmap, then extracting the alpha channel for this to use it as an agg alpha mask. There are two ways to improve this.

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