WebKit switching to Skia (from Cairo)


In essence, switching from CPU based render engine (Cairo) to GPU based (Skia).

Any dev involved with WebKit care to comment on how this may impact Web+? Does Haiku have a Skia port?

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It will not affect us. We use app_server drawing directly.

It’s not webkit that is switching but webkitgtk, which is the gtk backend for webkit.

Webkit itself is pretty agnostic, it leaves implementing how to draw stuff up to the port/specific implementation.

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We also have a port of WebKitGTK and Gnome Web (Epiphany), so it actually affect us.

The question was about Web+, not third party ports of foreign browsers.

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Having just read the article, it seems it will affect all of the webkit ports which currently make use of cairo, not just gtk-webkit.

For now the Cairo code remains and each port can do what it wants. The windows-cairo and wpe ports (maintained by the same people as the gtk port) will also switch to skia. I don’t think I have heard any decision for the Playstation port.

The Apple ports do not use Cairo and will not use Skia.