WebKit status?

There was Haiku port of WebKit, but it was removed by Apple. Does Haiku keep its own WebKit? If so, is this based on WebKit2?

WebPositive is using WebKit 1, and so is Otter Browser or Qupzilla (QTWebKit). There is an attempt right now in porting WebKit2 to Haiku.

Yes: https://github.com/haiku/webkit/

We were told by WebKit upstream that when we had 2-3 people who could apply for WebKit commit access, they would accept the port upstream again.

WebKit2 is just “multiprocess WebKit”. It does not bring more support for web APIs, or better rendering, etc. All that code is completely shared between WebKit 1 and 2 (though some WebKit-internal APIs, like the adblocker, are WebKit2-only.)

There is work-in-progress on WebKit2, but again, it’s not really going to change the “WebKit experience” much, if at all, in the short term. We already use a very recent WebKit build (from June) as the basis for WebPositive.


Didn’t realize that… well that’s going to be useful. Also Webkit 1 stability is much better as of late… it will be nice for it to not bring down the whole browser if a bug or two does sqeak by though. I do wonder what change made it more stable…

To be exact, the webkit project (that’s not just Apple, currently Igalia and Sony are involved as well for example) removed our port after ayear of us not sending any patches. They’d be fine with a single contributor, as long as we can keep our upstream version up to date. It’s just that it’s too much work for me to keep our port up to date and take the time to upstream our changes. We will also need a buildbot for it to try out other’s patches making sure they don’t break our port.

And moving to webkit2 helps too, because they’d like to remove the legacy API someday when Apple doesn’t cling on it anymore.


Thanks for the update and your contributions.