Webcam driver

Came across a few months ago over this webcam driver for linux
It supports around 244. Under Suse 9.2 it saw my webcam without any troubles and I also don’t have a very common webcam (kinstone).Even the video quality is good, being comparable to the one under windows.
So is there any way to port it for Haiku?
If R1 had support out of the box for most webcams out there it would be quite a big feature attracting many users that use video chat.

That would also be good to test my code that adds isochronous support to the UHCI driver.

Can this port be done?
I know it has been ported to mac os.x and freebsd but HAIKU isn’t unix based.
And if it is possible at first it would be nice to see a demo application. Just a simple webcam viewer.
If it will be a feature of R1 it will win me over to use HAIKU as main os.
Also I saw work being done on porting the free bsd network driver, wouldn’t it be possible to port NDISWrapper when u get to the wireless network as it would make possible the use of windows drivers.
This would make the work of developers much easier as they don’t have to build new drivers nor port them from an unix os, they can just focus on making NDISWrapper better.

Cody Cam work for somebody?

you should check this one.

or this

If you have a webcam that these suport then Cody cam would probably work as these are integrated in to Haiku.

^Sorry, how do I install these?

You can’t install them. Ether it’s built in in the image or one need to build the drivers or the image from scratch