Web+ remembering last page

I noticed that Web+ remembers the last page I was on, and takes me to it when I next run the program. Sometimes, I don’t want to load any pages when I start the browser. So, I deleted everything in /boot/home/config/settings/WebPositive except the default Bookmarks and LoaderPages directories.

After deleting these things, I re-launched the browser and it still loaded the last page I had visited before deleting the items.

So, is something memory resident, or is there another “state storage” for the browser that I need to delete?

I know there are “home”, “start page”, etc items that can be set in the “settings” menu, but these seemed to have no effect. Neither did setting the “open blank page” option have any effect.

replace /boot/home/config/settings/WebPositive/Session file with a folder and the program will stop re-loading the last page.


Hi and thanks for the tip. That works!

There really should be an option in Webpositive to have a homepage that always loads instead of the last session.

The amount of times it’s crashed on a page, then tries to load the very same page that crashed it in the first place next launch can be a bit frustrating at times.


I never had time to implement that setting, but it definitely should be there. Patches welcome, and this one is not a very hard task!