Web Os open source edition

Web os now have an opensource version, it seems as opensolaris was to to me. This can help haiku? Since it suppose to be part BeOs?

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That’s not true.

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The BeOS IP or OS was sold to/bought up by Palm, was it not (and JLG was on their Board of Directors, wasn’t he?) That’s where the confusion lies, I think. webOS/BeOS getting mixed up.

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webOS is a different creature than the BeOS. And yes, BeOS rights went to Palm(Source), I think, (which ultimately went to Access). And yes, the webOS was made by Palm after the ‘classic’ Palm OS (and similar Linux-powered Foleo OS and OS 6 “Cobalt”). Though iOS is cool, both iOS and Android really have Palm to thank for everything they did first, including universal search, the Touchstone (wireless charging), fluid multi-tasking, and app management ahead of its time.

But also, for anyone who has followed webOS, this latest thing is really nothing new. Under HP, there was an “openWebOS” idea, and this later was forked into luneOS by the webOS Ports team. This new webOS release is still exciting news, though! And it’d definitely be worth looking at.

On a related tangent, the other thing that may interest people is the kaiOS, which is a fork of the Firefox OS that both runs on several phones – and more exhilaratingly will run on the reborn Nokia 8110! In an age dominated by a duopoly of Android(-based) phones and iOS, with Sailfish/Tizen rarely seen, I’m really excited about the 8110’s relaunch. :smiley:

But anyway, this is exciting news! :tada: