Web Browser status?

Hi Guys,

I was a long time BeOS user but since my newer hardware wasn’t supported and the Firefox browser
was outdated I left BeOS :frowning:
Once in a while I check Haiku and now I see a real release, great! My very first demand is
a fully working internet computer so do we have a usable browser yet?
If not I am not even try to install anything because I simply need it and don’t want to boot
different OSes for different tasks.

What is the status today and what is to be expected in the near ( how long ) future?



Firefox 2 (works but it is firefox 2 after all)

recently we also got a QT4 based demo browser that uses webkit so is quite cutting edge


A native Haiku webkit browser is also being worked on but isn’t finished.

Is this browser actually the full-featured Arora browser (http://code.google.com/p/arora/) or just the Qt demo browser that was released with Qt 4.5? It might be a good idea to actually use the more up-to-date and more full-featured Arora browser in that case.

EDIT: I just looked at the download page and am seeing that it indeed is the mature Arora version. Wonderful!

I found a link to download arora.


BeZillaBrowser seems to me to be much faster and more usable at this time.