Web+ and web pages localized

I was just wondering how Web+ localize web pages.
In Firefox there’s a setting in about:config that allows to change preferred localization of web pages (if available).
As my language is not supported by Firefox I have to change by hand the key “intl.accept_languages” adding “fur”, before any other value.
This allows me to open web pages (like getfedora) in my native language.
Can this be done (or even be applied by localizazion setting) to web+ browser? I think it would be a nice feature

How many webpages localized in friulan are there out into the wild? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m just kidding ofc :wink: your dediction to the localization is exemplary, and very ethical

you’ve a PM, in the meantime :slight_smile:

WebKit is supposed to set it automatically from your Locale preferences, but apparently this doesn’t work anymore (I checked by going to http://httpbin.org/headers and the Accept-Language header seems to be missing).

The attempt to set it is in webkit in Source/WebCore/platform/network/haiku/ResourceRequestHaiku.cpp in ResourceRequest::toNetworkRequest().

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Should I open a ticket about it?


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