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In Web+ when you first start it. The “+” and “-” buttons for adding/removing a tab are not there. The only way I have found to add that 1st tab is to go to Window → New Tab. After that I can add/remove tabs. It just feels ackward. The 1st time I want to add a new tab I have to use the menu. After that the “+” and “-” buttons are there. Is this a feature or a bug? It would seem to me to be a bug. Just checking before I open a ticket. I did a search but didn’t find anything open for it.




Go to WebPositive preferences and check “Show tabs if only one page is open”. Then the tab bar (including the “new tab” button) should always be visible.


Thank you @PulkoMandy

The embarrassing this is that I even opened up the settings and looked. But, it just didn’t “click” with me.

Maybe we can find a better wording for this option? Maybe reverse it to “Hide tab bar when only one page is open”?


…maybe. If I may ask. What is the reason for hiding it at all? It seems a bit strange to me. Or maybe consider making it on by default. Just my 2 cents anyway. I just think that a new person is going to be confused the first time they use Web+.

Changing the default sounds like a good idea to me.


This is how it is done with several apps, it’s ON by default but you have an option in the settings to turn it OFF, and the wording is exactly that.

My point isn’t with the wording. My only point is that I think it my be a bit confusing for new users. That is all.

No one meant to say you have a problem with the wording, certainly not me, i mentioned it because it just happens that the sentence @PulkoMandy used is exactly the same one that is used in in these apps.

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NP Dude. Have great weekend. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be nice to use window stacking as tabs. It also solve mentioned problem. It is already done in NetSurf.


I really like how it looks like but I’m not sure that it’s technically a good solution as windows and tabs are quite different.There was a discussion about that already.In Netsurf every new tab is a new window but Web+ and most other browsers handle tabs differently

Most browsers allows to move tabs to new window and reverse, with window stacking it will be done naturally.

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Yes that would be easy and enough for now. So you can do some more important developement.

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Using windows tabs is an idea that looks nice in theory, but not so much when actually implemented.

The window tabs take a lot of space on the left and right and use a larger (bold) font, they don’t have support for a favicon (ok, to be fair, the favicons are broken in internal tabs as well at the moment…), and so they don’t scale very well. It’s ok when you have 3 or 4 tabs, but after that, you run out of space on screen very quickly.

So, it’s a direction to research, but our window tabs will need some improvements for this to be a really good solution.


This can (and probably should) be fixed on Haiku side.

Using stacked windows as tabs should be available at least as option. It should be not difficult to implement.