Weather app's day name are not aligned to current system date

Before I submit a ticket, has anyone else noticed this or have this issue?


The first pic displays the difference of the day name versus actual day name from the system.


The second pic shows the same issue: the weather app thinks it is Thursday when it is actually is Friday.

I went looking for a ‘weather’ user guide to see if there any settings to be tweaked–but no guide exists as far as I know. Thanks for any forthcoming info!

I think that it should be defined when you chose the location. The system shows hour in your location, the app shows hour in the location chosen to display weather.
Perhaps, at setup, you (or the app) picked nearest available location because there was no data for the one you specified? Unfortunately, if you’re near a border, the nearest point is not always the best choice. Two miles and you’re in another state or another country with different time zone and/or different politics of energy saving. At results, you can be in sync during season and one or two hours off during the other.
I don’t know how list of locations are made but they don’t represent weather station. I live in a small village on the list ; the weather station is twenty km away near the big city airport.

ArtDrakho’s screenshots were taken in the middle of the day, though, so it’s not just a question of an hour or two. I’m wondering if it relates to the hardware clock being on UTC and the software clock translating it to local time.

It’s OK here, but I live just two hours behind UTC/GMT. Will check again tonight.

Another stupid idea that came to my twisted mind… The database don’t know about February, 29th so everything is one day off.

The first pic was captured on 26 Feb 2024 and the second was last night of 7 Mar 2024. This has been an issue for me for months…its a little thing that bothers me. I know the app is showing a 5-day forecast…so ignore the day names for now.

Bastrop TX? If so, howdy from Bryan!

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FWIW, it’s been reported as Wrong days titles in forecast? · Issue #100 · HaikuArchives/Weather · GitHub

I can’t replicate over here. Maybe check your timezone setting (Time prefs) or formatting setting (Locale prefs)?

Howdy!! I lived in College Station until a year ago. I am 100% remote work.

We moved to Bastrop since we like the pine-oak forests here.

Have fun and God bless!!

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Thanks for checking.

Yes I checked and adjusted the Time settings and checked the Locale settings.

No change–that ticket issue impacts me. It will be addressed sometime when the devs have time to resolve it…

I will see what happens this weekend when we unfortunately switch to Daylight Saving Time.

Always one day before ? Seems to be something counting weekdays from 1…7 versus other thing with 0…6

Not always, only in some areas. Perhaps a problem of the api with some sites.

There may be some confusion about which day of the week is first as well. Some places start the week on monday, some on sunday.