Weather Application

Hi guys and gals. I just downloaded the latest x64 nightly of Haiku and installed it to real hardware. It’s been a while since I used Haiku and I was just wanting to see how things were. I installed the Weather app and made it a replicant. I forgot to change the setting form C to F. I have gone into the app and changed it there and when I start the full app it’s all good. But, I have this misconfigured replicant on the desktop that I can move anywhere. But can’t seem to figure out how to remove it completly from the desktop. Can I get some advice?


Try dragging it to the trash can. You can also right-click on the replicant handle, and there should be an option to remove it.

Right-click replicant handle and select “Remove replicant”. That will do it.

Read the user guide (again); there’s a section about replicants.

Thank you, that worked. Honestly I should have thought about dragging it to the trash myself. Kind of embarrassing that I didn’t.

As for the “Right Click” I had tried that but I am not getting the context menu. I think that is due to a quirk with the trackpad on this laptop. I have to use “ctrl” + left click to get a “right click” and that seems to not really work 100% of the time. There is an open ticket with the devs on this type of trackpad… so someday… Anyway, Thanks again guys. :slight_smile:

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Right click doesn’t always work on the view itself because you have to interact with some replicants (Workspaces, DeskCalc or notes replicants are good examples) but it should always work on the little handle (if you didn’t manage to put it offscreen).

You can set buttons to 1 in input preferences to make Tracker’s ctrl+click work like context-click everywhere.