We need a ABNT2 Keyboard Layout

Hello everyone!!
I have installed Haiku and been using it as my daily driver.
Currently, I am learning C++ and I plan to help on Haiku development, but something thats bothering me is tha fact that there is not a ABNT2 keyboard layout (Brazilian most common keyboard).
I would like to know if anyone here has any experience creating keyboard layouts, cause I looked through the Advanced Keymap Manipulation section, and I do not think I have the needed experience to work on that.
Thanks for reading!!

I see a “Brazilian (ABNT2).keymap” in the Haiku sources, and on the Keymap preference app, both “Brazilian” and “Brazilian (ABNT2)” appear for me on beta4 (“Plain” Brazilian seems to be a copy of “US-International”).

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Oh, really?
Cause I’ve installed Haiku on Friday, downloading the latest beta 4 .iso at the moment, and, even after updating my system, I don’t see it anywhere.
But thanks for linking the keymap file, I will download and set it.
Was having a hard time trying to figure out how to create a new keymap =]

Not sure where you’re looking for it, but as shown on the Keymap section of the user guide, “Brazilian (ABNT2)” is already part of the base system.

In any case, that lined page has probably more info about keymaps that you’ll ever need :slight_smile:

I was looking at the keyboard settings, from where you can change the keyboard layout…but the ABNT2 layout started to appear roght after adding the file to the Keymap folder.
Now, everything is great. Thank you so much!!