Way out when system freezes

Is there something that can be done,
when system freezes,
apart from force shutdown with the power key?

ctrl - alt -del - Keys at the same Time pressing and then closing the faulty Processes/Program.


If they’re talking about what I think they’re talking about, anything with the keyboard won’t work.

It’s rare, but I’ve had Haiku just stop. No keyboard, no mouse, nothing happening on the screen. I’ve tried unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in, but that didn’t do anything, either.

To me, it seems to happen more if I leave it alone for long periods of time, but even then, it doesn’t always happen.

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Your Answer is like a Oxymoron. If nothing more than what i mentioned works, than there is no other answer. Then you could only quit with the lowest level of help - cut the power off.

Can you enter KDL via Alt+SysRq+D when it happens? If so, then it can be debugged.

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I will write that down and see, the next time it happens. Which could be a long time from now.


What does it mean?

Kernel Debugging Land, I believe.

The answer to this question is: Yes, yes I can.

What should I do in KDL to figure out what causes it?

Start with running syslog | tail 50, and take a look through it. Any obvious errors, especially towards the end? If so, post a picture.

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