Can I watch videos on my Plex server when I use Haiku? The most predictable way is to use VLC, but, for some reason, there is no UPNP submenu in VLC, where it should be.

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UPNP is disabled in the Haikuports recipe due to it deadlocking:

Seems to have been disabled since 2020

Its been many years since I poked at the VLC code (I ‘maintained’ the last few, terrible, releases for BeOS/Zeta over a decade ago) so I can’t really comment on the architecture of it anymore; but I’d guess the issue is with libupnp and not how VLC uses it.

I’ve some memory that multicast doesn’t work perfectly in the network stack? That’s based on exceptionally old info though.

Plex should work in a webbrowser. Afaik i used it with Falkon.

Unfortunately probably still true, I don’t think there has been a lot of work in that area.