Warning x86_64 hrev51198

A warning note for x86_64 nightly users: please refrain from updating to hrev51198 or newer.
Compatibility was broken, and old packages from this revision on don’t handle time information correctly (for instance coreutils, “ls -l”).


Thanks, mate!

Informations like this should be display on the main page or download site

x86_64 is still “unsupported” and “unofficial” at this time. Nightlies are expected to be buggy and breaking things. Posts like OP’s are nice way to notify people about that stuff, though.

Thanks for the heads-up. Installing hrev51196 now.

Update note:
updating on x86_64 to hrev51212 or newer now triggers the uninstall of older x86_64 hpkgs (hpkgs with “any” remain unaffected if they don’t depend on a version of haiku).

I would recommend holding off updating until most of the existing haikuports packages are updated (real soon).

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Updating to hrev51227 should now be safe (from up to hrev51197).

Most packages were updated, so updating could require almost the same disk space as the set of locally installed haikuports hpkgs. Packages installed from third-party repositories will be uninstalled, unless the relevant hpkgs were also rebuilt with a hrev newer than hrev51212.

As always, feel free to report problems on the Haikuports bugtracker for missing or broken packages.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Might as well take the opportunity to do a reformat and clean install, then.

After installing hrev51227 x86_64 the only issue that I see so far is the exclusion of mesa_swpipe, which the GLTeapot demo needs to function.
Timestamp logging on Vision has been corrected. Previously it would not change time - always remaining at 15:00.

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