Wanted: Translators for the User Guide

Hello there!

Thanks to Vincent Duvert’s excellent work on an online tool that manages and keeps track of versions of translations, the time is near to start translating the Haiku User Guide.

Everyone interested, please join the documentation mailing list, so we’re ready to start things off when the site is completely operational. Please have a look at this initial posting:

Thanks very much!

The translation mailing lists are now available! If you want to join, take a look to the “Community ->Mailing Lists” section. We have (for now):

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Swedish

Right. Also have a look at http://userguide.haikuzone.net/ to learn more about the translation process. We’d love to welcome more helping hands!


Is there a way to use translator memories or CAT-tools? It could speed up the translation speed quite a bit.

The online tool should already have a kind of, relatively crude, translation memory. Identical blocks are supposed to be only once in the database and therefore have to be only translated once. I just had a look, and that doesn’t seem to be the case… or maybe a database update just takes a longer time. I’ll ask Vincent.

In any case, there should only be quite few cases of (bigger) identical blocks, so we wouldn’t gain much anyway. Other than some, e.g. repair manuals, where you often have identical short sentences like “Loosen screw (1). Tighten screw (2).” the user guide is free flowing text.
I don’t know if a CAT tool would help that much. In any case implementing one is way over our scope. If someone would like to work on that, it’s OK. But I think his time could be better spent on Haiku itself.


Well only a translation memory wouldn’t be much faster, but a full featured CAT-tool with Spell checkers, Grammar checkers, Terminology managers etc. could be very useful.

Doesn’t any of the free CAT-tools like Poedit, Virtaal or Omega-T compile on Haiku?

Doesn’t any of the free CAT-tools like Poedit, Virtaal or Omega-T compile on Haiku?

I dunno. I’m no dev and I’m quite happy with the current solution. If nothing else, it’s so nice and simple that all you need is a browser to start translating. So you can work from anywhere. Even from work when your boss is not looking or your admin isn’t snooping around. :slight_smile:


As Humdinger says, I’m also quite happy (well, in fact I’m really impressed) with the current translation tool that Vincent developed. If we used any software that required installation, maybe a lot of us couldn’t work all the time we wish. For example in my case, currently I can’t have a proper Haiku installation in a computer (not even virtualized), but with the current browser based solution I can work from everywhere, everytime :slight_smile:

About the grammar check, terminology and that stuff. We currently have a translation style guide (or in its way) for terminology, and for grammar check there are Firefox extensions, or in a Macintosh case, the OS implements the system grammar and spell check inside every application (I’m currently editing from Safari without any problem) :slight_smile:

Oscar C.

I would like to add Turkish into the bunch if possible.