[Wanted] BeBox Dual 133MHz System

I have a BeBox Dual 133MHz and as I kept it just because it was expensive and is rare (~800 units) I think about giving it to loving hands. :wink:
It wasn’t active for a very long time but the last time it worked fine.
If you’re still interested you can contact me for more details. I haven’t found the PM option in this forum.
I would be willing to send it world-wide and it’s located in Germany.

As there are almost no offers for such a model I’m unsure how much it’s worth so please just send me your ideas.

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Select the Name and send message pm

hello, is it available ?

Click the user’s name or icon and select message to send a private message.

hello, i try to send you an message but i cannot.


Yes, it’s still available although I’m in contact with the TO.

IMG_3212 IMG_3214

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that is a huge amount of ports

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Oh yeah and the previous image even missed one: a SCSI port.



I was aware of the screw holes of the various connectors being rusty as they are on mine, but not of the audio rca connectors also being affected by that problem.
That plastic part with the ports labels is missing on so many BeBoxen being resold over the years, makes me wonder if a replica could be 3d printed…

I’m pretty sure one could. The cover is small enough that most desktop 3D printers can handle it.
If anyone wants to give it a try I can measure it. All that would be left is find a suitable blue finish.

Or a resin printer… no finishing needed.

Hello, I’m looking for a working master for my museum, write to me if it is current.

i need it :slight_smile:

is it available to sell ?

Yes, it is still available.

can you send me more details (configuration, pricing, shipping, etc.) : ftonic@programmez.com


have you pictures with boot and working machine ? merci

Oh cool, does that mean I’ll get some help on the PPC port? >:-)

Interesting with all the MIDI ports! :slight_smile: Haiku needs a killer sequencer.

We’ve got you covered: https://github.com/HaikuArchives/Sequitur