Waltercon 2005 Thread with Pictures

It was a pleasure meeting a lot of you at Waltercon.

I went because it was a good excuse for a Vegas road trip and I wanted to see what the current status of Haiku actually is. For the most part it was encouraging news. The kernel boots and we ran app server till the White Screen of Death reared its ugly head. The JavaVM looked great. 12+ more months until 1.0 and the fact that no kit is currently “done” was a large disappointment.

I propose that for the next WalterCon we rent RV’s and hold the con in the parkinglot of the old Be Inc building in Meno Park CA. There should be 2 rooms/vehicles - one for uninterrupted coding and one for discussion/presentations.

Oh and I lied about the pictures… Hopefully someone who actually remembered to bring a camera can post some pictures into this thread.

beter known as Tapeworm

A few people had cameras, I wasn’t one of them =/

I had a camera, but oddly enough, I didn’t think to take pictures of the conference itself except for mphipps’ Sterilite mini-ITX machine and it booting Haiku. Too bad none of those turned out very well. :frowning:

Finally some pictures!!!


very nice …

can’t wait til my shirt arrives now :smiley:

Sikosis wrote:
very nice ...

can’t wait til my shirt arrives now :smiley:

When you get it, check out the name of the hotel javascript:emoticon(’:lol:’)

Best. Typo. Eva…


I suggest Orlando… or maybe even Tampa, would be a LOT cheaper.