This probably belongs to the GE list but I drop a note here anyway since I think GE should be part of the Haiku site instead of stuffed away somewhere in secrecy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has anyone any plans on preparing Haiku for VoIP integration etc? I would imagine VoIP or whatever protocol is used really need high responsiveness (which is generally no problem for BeOS/Haiku stufF). However, since VoIP will become more and more of an important part of the computer world, may I suggest that either the Media KIT or another Kit called “Voice Interaction” to be created. You devs probably knows where to place this better than me.

The whole point of the kit would be to prepare for Voice applications where you separate Input for Voice and Protocol used to communicate a bit separately and to make it easier to port applications. By developing a voice API.

LAter on an app like IMKit would simply call this API and make it easy to enable Voice, and then simply just call for the right protocol (like SIP or Skype) for doing the actual transactions.

Also, a lot of multiplayer games are demanding voice so this would easy for them to utilize as well I guess, and the only thing they would need is the actual “host” for the talk using whatever protocol they may see fit.

Maybe all of this is already sorted out, but I thought I’d try to raise some ideas here, and hopefully it might take off. If not codingwise, maybe documentationwise this will be covered?

What does people think?

The best place to add VoIP support should be in Media Kit.
Writing a BProducer media node that act as network VoIP receiver, decode it using available codec and produce audio samples.
On the other side, a BConsumer media node could encode audio samples before streaming them over a network VoIP.

But these days VoIP is no enough anymore. You should support video conferencing too. The same design should aplly here, but many lower stuffs should be shared here, SIP and H.323 come to mind.

Then IM Kit or whatever could rely on media kit to give them video/audio conferencing for free.

Just my 2 cents.

  • Philippe Houdoin

Does VoIP using IAX interest anyone. I have never been much of a SIP fan after working on some of the original specs. H.323 is just a pain in the neck and only old telco’s like it.

I have a couple of IAX capable servers running and could offer some free calling for a bit in the US.

BTW - Good plan on the way to do the integration Philippe.
-nxn (Nicholas)

Maybe this could be re-used/ported to BeOS/Haiku to be the foundation of VoIP and VideoConference in the future:


Any taker?