VNC, FTP, and Virtualbox

The good, the bad, and the ugly… I got VNC installed. No clear instructions for setup, but I found instruction on It seems to work quite well, so that is good.

The one problem I had when trying to get the files into my VirtualBox machine is that FTP seems to not exist in terminal. SFTP does, but I don’t want that. Haiku has an FTP server built in to the network preference pane, but no easy way to set up like in BeOS. Is there a way to get FTP working in terminal?

And the OK but messy part, and the reason for all this, is that I’m trying to set up Haiku in a virtual machine on a OS X server. Following the instructions, everything went OK. The mouse input has such a delay that makes it just ability unusable. The delay doesn’t exist with the VNC connection.

I use Haiku on a VMFusionware virtual machine on Mac OSX and I’m able to copy files to/from the host using an SCP GUI (Fugu) - there are instructions somewhere here on the forum about setting up the ssh-host on the Haiku machine
Fugu: Fugu SSH download |

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I’d rather use FTP since it’s simple and works on any OS without much hassle, including BeOS. I do appreciate having options though so thank you.

The speed issue with the mouse lagging terribly is pretty much resolved. I wasn’t even thinking that I am so used to remoting with VNC into the OS X side. It was Haiku on VirtualBox through VNC from one mac to another that was causing a delay. That was happening with a different virtual machine but I resolved it somehow to where I could VNC into host and use guest machine fine. When I used host machine locally, the mouse movements were fine in Haiku.