Vmware player/Haiku4/vmware tools = broken clipboard in the host

I’m seeing that the clipboard stops working when running Haiku r4 in Vmware Player 17.0.2 on Windows 10. And when I say the “clipboard” I mean all apps using the clipboard… including all the ones running on the host. Say between Firefox and Vscode, which are both native apps on the host.

Things I’ve already tried to fix this:

  • Add a short cut to auto start the vmware tools tray app in Haiku.
  • Disabled the clipboard support in the vmware .vmx file for the virtual machine by setting:
    isolation.tools.copy.disable = “TRUE”
    isolation.tools.paste.disable = “TRUE”
  • Uninstalling vmware tools in the VM

I really don’t need clipboard sharing, but I do need the clipboard to work reliably in the host. I’ve noticed that the clipboard seem to work for a little bit after I boot into the VM and then at some point it just stops. Also there is no logging in the vmware tools that are available for Haiku. So if anything is going wrong no one will know.

Things I’ve yet to try:

  • Adding logging to vmware tools and see if there are errors in the clipboard sharing code.

But maybe the community has some insight to the issue?

FYI: the VM becomes a lot more unusble when you uninstall the vmware addons, the screen update is slow and mouse movement jerky. Mouse gets captured by the VM and you have to hit a key combo to release it, instead of it tracking in and out of the VM window seemlessly. So while it’s good to try as an experiment it’s not actually a good state to be in.

Clipboard sharing only works if vmware_tray is running in the Deskbar. You can quit it if you don’t need clipboard sharing, everything else will still work. However, broken clipboard on the host sounds more like a bug in VMware itself.