VLC stopped working

tried to play an mp4 file that used to play with vlc, but it crashed. Anyone has the same problem? I don’t know when this started (I am using nightly build long time ago).
The report starts saying:

Debug information for team /boot/system/apps/VLC/VLC (1292):
CPU(s): 2x Intel Core 2
Memory: 3.86 GiB total, 755.00 MiB used
Haiku revision: hrev56814 Mar 10 2023 07:02:19 (x86_64)

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state: Exception (General protection fault)

you can try MPlayer and media player.
if also crash like this, maybe it’s the problem of the video.
if work well in the other system, haiku bug.
if work well but VLC, the problem of the VLC.

On R1B4 32bit hrev56578+70 VLC is stable – except notification icon.

If you are on nightly build you may experience crashes more frequently than otherwise.

I would suggest to go back to the stable release if not necessary to be on a bleeding edge version for some function you find only in nightly build(s).

I just got a KDL recenly due to some NTFS stuff since weeks … I downloaded a 3.1 GiB size file that does not fit onto small BFS filesystem I had on USB install thumbdrive - so I chosen the attached NTFS USB HDD’s root dir to download - it almost finished in Web (Epiphany) browser (2.86 GiB) when this recent crash happened. I left the machine for human needs and when I came back after half an hour I faced with KDL message / prompt and frozen Haiku -

It was unexpected as I had not experienced crash for a long time … I forgot Haiku is in beta stage :wink:
I was so cherished meanwhile … I had to get a wake up hit - seems :smiley:
No day-dreaming, hombre …

Have you reported this KDL?

Not yet.

But i will soon, if no solution is found.

I also encountered the same problem.
However, I later used to search for VLC files, and deleted everything that could be deleted. Download and install VLC again.
VLC is ready to use.
Only once, restarting VLC didn’t work again.
Just wait until VLC is updated.

(use google translate)

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VLC work fine
Beta4 +70
64 bit

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Hello @ryk,

Had you tried what Ilovehotdog offered above ?
I think it worth a try … you can assure about your Haiku install and/or your hardware is healthy as well !..

When my Dell Inspiron 9100 started to give unexpected errors first I thought Haiku is the source of problem ,as it was nightly, but unfortunately it was HW issue as it was getting worse/more serious it was not stable even during BIOS setup.

Tried every tip, but no, still crashing. Also mplayer didn’t work either, but media player did!.
I believe that this has to do with a lot install/uninstall of programs, especially transmission. Just click on this to see what will happen!
I will make a fresh install to have a clean BeOS, after a alot of years with nightly builds.

As you had not wrote on which version you are : 32bit or 64bit - from us you could get confirmation that on both the 32bit and 64bit Haiku version Beta4 the VLC works generally without continous crash.

If you stay on bleeding edge version of Haiku as also we wrote to you you must expect anothor crashes - not because the application, but the underlying OS stability. From nightlies you should select the proper hrev where VLC has no crashes on your HW.

And of course there is possibility you have some issue with HW you have - as it happened to me with first machine I used with Haiku first. That laptop has some issue on the board, so finally I could not use with Windows and at all as it freezed during BIOS settings.

For first if I were you I would try out the official Beta4 release as if you reinstall your Haiku and not struggle with nightlies. To use Haiku it is well enough - however I do not know which feature can require the nightly version of Haiku in case of you … so you may select it against it our suggestion.

Have luck on your side – in any cases ! .))

The version is in the first post under “Haiku revision”.
Thanks for the suggestions, but i didn’t had the time to get busy with a fresh installation.
I bet a fresh install will solve this (either 32/64 bit, or beta/nightly).

Ahoy @ryk ,

You are right – after you mentioned I found that you showed for us on which version you are but I was also right as you had not explicitly written for us on which version you are :slight_smile:
My mistake - I was more caring about what you wrote but not what you add as evidence.

I beg your pardon. :slight_smile:

NO problem!!!