VLC Lua 5.1 embedding support

Continuing the discussion from New/updated in HaikuDepot:

I see that there are some options for running Lua 5.1 support including the Lua 5.1 package, LuaJIT package and my not-yet-released build of Luau. I would imagine there’s no advantage to running playlists and other configuration scripts from a fast bytecode so that leaves Lua 5.1 and LuaJIT. Since LuaJIT contains assembly-specific implementations for CPU series and speed is not what we need, that leaves Lua itself and version 5.1 specifically, due to breaking changes in every point release.

This leads to the question of embedding Lua if it’s installed fom a package on HaikuPorts or installing from source. Lua has so many breaking changes with every point release that there may not be any maintenance advantage for having packaged Lua at all when embedding. Is there any problems with installing the Lua sources with VLC?

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lua enabled - VLC: enable lua (youtube support) · haikuports/haikuports@29e7f2a · GitHub


I’m curious as to why it needed 5.2 when the docs said to use 5.1 but at least it works now.