Vision won't launch... complaining of Symbol not found

I noticed this issue today. Here is what it says via the Terminal…

/Haiku/system/apps/Vision> ./Vision runtime_loader: /boot/system/apps/Vision/Vision: Could not resolve symbol 'Format__C14BMessageFormatR7BStringx' resolve symbol "Format__C14BMessageFormatR7BStringx" returned: -2147478780 runtime_loader: /boot/system/apps/Vision/Vision: Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

BMessageFormat() was renamed to BStringFormat() with hrev52220. All apps using BMessageFormat() have to be altered to use BStringFormat() instead.
Some apps - Vision - among them have been updated, but the buildbots are currently stuck, so these updated packages haven’t hit the HaikuDepot yet.

You can
a) Wait until the bots to provide the updated packages
b) Downgrade to Haiku before hrev52220
c) Build the apps yourself, easiest with haikuporter

Is that going to break backwards compatibility with a bunch of apps?

Yes. The ones I know of: Vision, FtpPositive

Both are fixed and waiting to be build by the bots.

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Koder the editor doesnt work either.

The Koder recipe is fixed now. As with the other updated apps, we still have to wait on the buildbots coming back online before the updated package hits HaikuDepot. Or build yourself with haikuporter, of course.

If anyone finds more apps needing an update, please report them here.


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Then again, Vision complains about a Missing symbol when launching, _ZTI6BField. I understand this is not part of Haiku project, so bug should be reported at Haikuports?


Seems to be related to

A reminder that nightly builds are experimental and this kind of breakage will occasionally happen. We are not in a situation currently to offer a safe rolling release of Haiku (due to lack of unit tests, and you all being our QA team and finding the issues as they happen).

We will do our best to fix these problems as soon as possible.


It is on 64bit only 32bit hrev 55409 works

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Today, I downgraded to Beta3 [always 64b], and now Vision is working. Today’s nightly update didn’t solve the issue, so I might leave the tuned laptop on the Beta branch for now, though i might change back to nightly again tomorrow… :rofl:


Thanks to whoever updated Vision and BePDF to work again - my daily driver is once again viable :slight_smile:


This was fixed yesterday :wink:
Fixes were up streamed by @waddlesplash