Vision... Boooo!

Vision… Boooo!
Sent this to mailing list, but wanted to post here too and get user responses.

Please don’t mind the venting, I’m proposing a solution too…
“Due to spammers” now Vision is completely counter intuitive and non-user-friendly to post/login/create account.

Most new users will get frustrated and walk away. This is not a time for that…

Simple, Native Solution:
BeShare (32 and now 64 bit)

No spammers, Be Specific, ability to share files, native/traditional and cross platform (JavaShare)
Also, AGMS is working on an IRC integration/communication script…

Please consider making it the official communication channel.
(a nick I’ve had for 20 years that I can no longer use in Vision/IRC)

If you didn’t register your Nick that’s on you.

It isn’t visions fault it’s freenode…

The same thing could happen on beshare technically…and few people actually use beshare comparatively nor is it availability for other oses.

There is javashare but I’m not sure it still works…and it’s Java.

There is JavaShare available for any platform that supports Java.

Yeah but who would want that … Much less even bother it has Zero users. Unlike IRC itself which has thousands of users that can just /join #haiku

True about the Nick thing…

I would imagine most ppl would join #haiku while using Haiku to ask questions… BeShare is just as good for that as long as ppl are using it.
It’s actually much better because you can share files directly

People aren’t using it though…there’s like 5-10 people ever one there… That’s nothing.

I don’t even know how to respond to that…
Getting users to use it instead of IRC is the point I’m trying to make.
If you were on board when they first put up #haiku in IRC the same logic would apply…

No it wouldn’t as there were already many thousands of IRC users on freenode then…

Pointing people at beshare doesn’t fix IRC.

Auto voicing anyone using vision would accomplish the same thing.

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Not looking to battle looking to help.

Vision has become a frustrating mess, and BeShare is an elegant solution.

Peace out…

Janus2 was working on a simplified log-in screen for Vision. Currently the process of creating a password and registering is more involved than the average end user can tolerate. Hopefully the process can be simplified to the satisfaction of most users. Patience…


I used to be on Beshare all the time. Fun place to hang out. Tried to make the 64bit version before there was one, and failed miserably… lol
Now there is a 64bit version. That’s awesome.

I’ll hang out there, Used to be packed in the old days. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure a software can fix the real problem. I would say it is a good-to-have filter.

Although it is almost always empty, I also love BeShare. In any case, it is up to people either to join it or not. I just hope that it gets back to its best glory days. Thus, I’ll try to open it more frequently.


The restriction on needing to be registered for #haiku has been removed now. So you don’t need to mess with passwords and the like anymore. The spam wave is over.

I already replied on the ML, but I’ll repeat myself here: I use IRC for a few dozen other things and BeShare would mean having to run a second client just for Haiku stuff. I find that annoying. IRC is certainly not perfect, but if we ever move, I’d rather go to XMPP or something like it, once we have a proper client.

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