Virtualization (and other things) on Haiku

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I recently installed Haiku on my computer and I love it! It is so lightweight and usable at the same time. I can complete most of my everyday computing tasks very easily. However, there are some tasks I have not been able to complete on the Haiku. These include virtualization and having multiple keyboard layouts while being able to switch between them with Shift+Alt. Can somebody please tell me how I can create a virtual machine on Haiku and how I can switch between the English and Greek keyboard layouts using the Shift+Alt shortcut?

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You can find qemu in the Depot, however keep in mind Haiku doesnt yet support any virtualization acceleration technology yet, so your VM will be slow.


For adding another keymap, install KeymapSwitcher from repo.

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Thanks! KeymapSwitcher works perfectly! However, without virtualization acceleration, VMs are almost unusable.

This is a good opportunity for you to port your everyday tools to Haiku or to contact the HaikuPorts team and ask for help and also to ask for official port upstream, or to look for replacements / alternatives, or reconsider using them at all.

I don’t know much about coding. However, I know how to compile source code (at least on Linux). How can I contact the HaikuPorts team and get help with porting Linux apps to Haiku?

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Haikuports is run mainly as a github repository here: Issues · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub where you can open “issues” for any application you can’t find in HaikuDepot.

They also have a wiki explaining the process of writing recipes for packaging your own software, if you know how to compile some code, this isn’t too difficult, the idea is essentially to put the compilation steps into a specific file format, so that the steps can be easily repeated and maintained, and used to generate a package file that can then be installed.

That’s too complicated for me. I can just sit here waiting for the software I use to be ported!

You should then consider to create issues at github to make the HaikuPorts team aware of the programs you need.

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