Viper Browser

A while back someone mentioned the Viper Browser, and that it wouldn’t build as it required Qt6. I found however that the stable version 0.9.1 wil build using Qt5.

The build does have issues with the url suggestions, where you could only type 2 or 3 letters at a time, and have to move the mouse pointer to continue typing. I ended up removing the urlsuggestion code, and editing the URLLineEdit code. This resulted in it being able to type in a url without it stopping.


Nice! :slight_smile: (there is Qt6 in the depot, did you check a build with that?)

needs QtWebengine, so only Qt5.


@dasouth would you push viper to haiku ports and make package please ?

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how i can install the viper Browser ?

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any recipe? or how you get it?

I’d been busy with work, and this was first chance to take a look at the forums in a bit.

I will work on creating a real recipe for Viper Browser and submit it along with patch to deal with the url suggestion issue, as I just made a quick hpkg that I never listed dependencies as it was for my use (I just use the dependencies for QtWebEngine).

My build was on a x86_64 nightly build, but if I remember correctly, I did test it on x86_64 Beta3.