Vietnamese input method on Haiku

Don’t be confused for my user name. I want Vietnamese input method, not Chinese. I found that we already have LibreOffice on HaikuDepot but the fact is without an input method, it’s useless for most of people, except English speaker! On Linux and BSD, we have something called the fcitx input method. Together with fcitx-unikey, it make Vietnamese typesetting on Linux as pleasure as on Windows. I would love to hear if someone could port it to Haiku or could give me alternatives that works on Haiku. Thank you very much.

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Hi @jiaxing!

It looks like unikey could probably be ported over to Haiku, if it hasn’t been already.
I’m not near my Haiku machine currently, but the Haikuports repository on GitHub does show all of the categories for all apps and add-ons for Haiku; check it out here.

Additionally, if you’re interested, Haiku doesn’t have a Vietnamese translation of its GUI. Would you like to help contribute to such a project?

Xin chào!

I didn’t know Vietnamese required an input method, is it done like a compose key with all the diacritics?

If it’s not too complex you may want to write a native one instead, since we already have all the infrastructure for input methods.

The existing ports should be in the app-i18n category in HaikuPorts.

You may want to ask for help on IRC.

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The Vietnamese mostly use the default English interface so I don’t think there is a need for translation. We all use the US English language on Windows and the US English interface on Ubuntu, too. What matter is the format of date time, currency… in the Vietnam standard. On My Linux Mint, I have the UI as English and the date time set to Vietnam’s DD/MM/YYYY and currency set to VND…

BTW, if you could port fcitx and fcitx-unikey to Haiku it’s so good. I will thank you very much.

Yes, Vietnamese needs an input method. There are two major input method: VNI and Telex. They are described very well on Wiki. For people work with English mostly like us, VNI is a must. Telex is not that important because it doesn’t work well when we need to input both Vietnamese and English at the same time. But the majority of the population, in the other hand, use Telex, though.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the coding skills. I’m just a normal salesman. I sold old laptop imported from the US.

One more task on my TODO list I guess.

I wouldn’t mind a VN translation if I had time, to entice me into learning more of it, but I know I won’t have the time :smiley:

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About input methods I don’t know, but maybe you could see if you could install the dictionary extention from openoffice, should be do-able with libreoffice:

Thank you. But what we really need is the ability to input Vietnamese.

Thank you for your passionate. I will look forward to seeing your final product!

BTW, I don’t think a VN translation is needed at all. But you are free to do whatever you want.

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I have just discovered Haiku and it seems very potential and interesting. But without Vietnamese input keyboard, we cannot use it as the daily OS.

There is the Unikey project at:

Apple also uses source codes from this project to build the Vietnamese keyboard for their Mac OS.