Video output issues since video card swap

I swapped my video card from a Radeon 2400-pro to an R5 240. Since then, I get no signal after the boot screen finishes. One of my monitors just shows no signal, while a few other monitors say it’s an unsupported resolution. The fallback driver does work, but it’s stuck at 1024x768, not a great option since all my monitors are higher than that. I’m using a DVI to VGA adapter, I checked continuity for all the pins and it seems perfect. I would like help if anyone has ideas how to make this card fully functional in Haiku. I’m on beta 2 and recently ran updates.


  1. Use the nightly branch. First, test with a new live DVD from the nightly branch for your platform.
  2. Create a bug report (component/driver/radeonhd). Attach your syslog. Track with Haiku dev team.
  3. Try to talk to devs in Haiku IRC.

Unfortunately this bug seems the bug i had with RX460 and RX580 , at the moment not solved, use VESA or framebuffer instead :frowning:

Here is what I’d suggest based on overall user feedback:

See: AMD Graphics Card Installation and/or Compatibility

  • RX 460 - known issue with driver
  • RX 470 - SUGGESTED by driver developer. Unknown status.
  • RX 480 - SUGGESTED by driver developer. Unknown status.
  • RX 540 - Unknown status.
  • RX 550 - seems to work with Haiku. SUGGESTED by a user. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • RX 560 - known issue with driver
  • RX 570 - known issue with driver
  • RX 580 - known issue with driver
  • RX 590 - not listed in driver :boom:

According to latest additions only device id is added to the driver for RX580 , if i am not wrong