VGA Display problem

I’ve installed the newest Haiku a few days ago. It’s running on an old Toshiba Satellite C-50 Pro laptop, connected to an external LG 24MA53 LCD display. In BIOS there is an option to select either HDMI or Analog-RGB (VGA) as a primary video output. If I connect both of the cables and boot up with HDMI option selected, the desktop is displayed at 1920x1080 resolution but looks bad on HDMI:

while on VGA everything looks perfect:

If I switch the BIOS to Analog-RGB, the OS boot process goes as usual with Haiku logo displayed, but then there is no display at all (the monitor OSD says “No signal” on HDMI and “Invalid format” on VGA).
switching the BIOS back to HDMI and booting up again but with the HDMI cable unplugged, the desktop is displayed on VGA but the resolution is downgraded to 1366x768, and selecting any higher value gives a blank screen or blue stripes blinking, making the screen unreadable at all:

any ideas on how to fix this? (either the HDMI distorted display or the higher VGA resolutions). Thanks in advance.

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Regarding the bad HDMI image: some TV/Monitors with multiple HDMI ports have one specially designed for PC input. In mine it is “HDMI1/DVI”, where PC output looks OK, while if I use HDMI2… I get an image very close to the one on your screenshot.

The reason for this is that TVs apply different fitlers/settings for different HDMI sources. You might need to tune them from that TV/Monitor settings to get improved image in any case.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ve tried both HDMI inputs and none of them resolved the problem.
but accidentally, while searching through all of the remote control functions, I’ve found out that the screen resolution on HDMI is not really 1920x1080 as selected in Haiku, but 1344x1080. Which is somewhat near to the laptop’s internal LCD resolution (1366x768), though it rather shouldn’t have any impact on the HDMI output? :roll_eyes: Especially since the internal LCD is turned off when using external display and there is no option to use both simultaneously.

Try to turn on the VESA


switching to VESA mode did the trick. :slight_smile:

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