Very excited with WebPositive today!

Haiku 64 bit hrev54881.
Had trouble choosing the category, in the end decided that WebPositive is part of the OS…

I was using mainly Otter for some time now. After latest nightly update Otter’s rendering of the forum was weird with overlapping text and stuff like that.

Today I thought of trying WebPositive for the forum. Rendered without any issue.
After that I began to browse the sites I check everyday. Aside from some known delays. common to Otter and WebPositive, all sites were rendered correctly with WebPositive feeling snappier than before. For the record (and maybe useful info) some of these are: OSNews, ArsTechnica, Phoronix, OMGUbuntu, a Greek weather site e.t.c.

Some other important things in my opinion:

  1. There is a specific Greek news site ( which was always giving me trouble with Otter. While browsing back and forth between main page and specific articles memory consumption was increasing and browsing was getting slower and slower in short amount of time. Used to close and restart Otter to resolve it. Always thought of creating a ticket but never did…
    Well, today with WebPositive, after much time on the specific site, not much memory increase and no slowness in use! No other problems!

  2. Choosing to share articles on twitter through the above site worked without issue. Yesterday with Otter it was failing (not supported browser or something).

  3. All the time I am browsing today (still in WebPositive now) no sense of instability or other problem!

EDIT: 4: Just found out that also renders gmail in full enhanced view and not in “standard HTML” view !

I am really-really excited experiencing that behavior in WebPositive today !!
It seems that some very good work has been done in the meantime :slight_smile:
A big thank you to all contributors and please continue like this !!


WebPositive just keeps getting better.

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For a long time I was able to follow the progress of WebPositive to perfection based on the display of Ancestris - Freies Genealogieprogramm.
Currently, but already for some nightly, some pages of my son are no longer displayed correctly (overlays…), although it used to be perfect!