[Util] BeInput

Hi all.


BeInput is a Yab Script to show a visual window for data entry (As read, but visual) written in YAB from a bash script.


I’ts fully customizable and with some options (Like the window mode)

Full readme in the project page: _-Caleb-_/BeInput: YAB Script for Haiku-OS showing a visual dialog to use with bash scripts - Codeberg.org

You can test and download here: https://codeberg.org/_-Caleb-_/BeInput/raw/branch/main/releases/BeInput-1.0.e-1_any.hpkg

Please give me some feedback :slight_smile:



It looks very similar to what is doing Yoshi. hdialog is not using Yab but also has this purpose.
Can you explain what new your script brings?


Nothing new… Just an script i started in 2009 and finished those days …

Actually im using Yoshi but thats my very first yab script and i want to finish… just that