Using two EMU/APS sound cards

greetings, i want to build a box using two emu/aps sound cards (creative emu10k chip). getting one to work is no problem both with beos or haiku. i’ll give another 440bx chipset mobo a try. i first used an Asus p2b-s with two cards and did not work. the other idea is perhaps to build a signal source server.

any ideas are appreciated. i want to study Schumann waves.

what sort of configuration are you needing? recording from both cards simultaneously or somthing?

I assume you are refering to these

You could check if the devices are both showing up in the /dev filesystem even if the config tool doesn’t pick them up

thanx for the tip and yes you are correct on all. i’ll try again on another board after this crazy weekend. i actually got these cards years ago to use with beos and then, of course, stuff happens and went into the “i’ll do it someday bin”. so, what may your favorite/suggestions be for a new AMD mobo be for Haiku? i’m beginning to think ‘server’ as a way of remotely monitoring.