Using existing Linkedin profiles

Hi everyone,

As a new member of the Promotion Team (thanks jt15s), I think it can be useful to post some news on the Haiku Operating System profile on Linkedin.
Showing that the project is alive with a living profile can attract some people there. I think it’s a very good place with full of devs and professionals who can be interrested.
Who has the access to Haiku related profiles?
What do you think?

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You refere to the promotion team!? I know only about a marketing team for Haiku related subject.
Maybe you like to promote Haiku?

I refer to this Promotion Team.
And yes, I think would like to promote Haiku, in this case on Linkedin :wink:

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On ocasion I post some screenshots on my Linkedin profile with #haikuports just did one for Lazarus with the #Haiku tag too :slight_smile: