Using AMD Ryzen 3 2200G?

Any one using one of the new Ryzen 3 2200G CPUs? These ship with VEGA graphics integrated. Noticed that the Radeon driver has a VEGA ID already in it.

If anyone is using it, what motherboard are your using? Does onboard sound and network work?

Thank you

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I tried but I could not even get past the splash screen

I tried again but as i am stupidly lay, there is a limit to how much i can do… a very short limit :smiley:

In all cases i failed to install haiku; all attempts ended in the splash image with none of the icons loaded properly.
I did what i could and i did what i did not even know in the bios, hopeless. I ended up downloading the UEFI version ( and the icons then loaded, then i was sent to the installation zone, but it stopped right there, completely frozen.
On the second attempt it seems to me that it went directly to the Live CD, but again everything was frozen.

I have no idea what to do for now, nor do i have a clue how to provide a log. If anyone can give me a light, i would appreciate it a lot :slight_smile: I’ll keep looking for more information, but i’ll fail because i’m too dumb.

Some info:

Try looking in the… BIOS? EUFI setup? Whatever it’s called these days, and see if there’s an option for a “legacy” mode or a “BIOS” mode. Maybe even a “legacy boot.”

If you see something like that, switch it on and see if the regular Haiku image will complete the boot process.


I see you have a AMD A320-based motherboard w/Vega 8 graphics.

  1. Talk to core devs like kallisti5 and jessicah on Haiku IRC for whatever syslog and UEFI info they need for your system. :thinking:

The ryzen motherboard chipset that I have seen reported working is B350. I am planning getting one of those with the 2200G. Really want to start playing with MESA. Also saw some one was working on MESA / Vulkan in Haiku (not kallisti). The 2200G looked like a low dollar way of maybe helping with that.

vilitas: In addition to trying a recent nightly and setting your boot mode to BIOS/Legacy , try booting into video safe mode. Hold the space key at boot and you should get the boot menu to select video safe mode drivers (the VESA drivers). This would eliminate it being something simple like the PCI ID not being in the driver list.