Use Ghostscript for PDF creation

In testing the various demo apps for Haiku, I noticed that the PDF “printer” didn’t keep Bitstream Charter when I tried to use it in a StyledEdit document but instead replaced it with Helvetica. After doing a bit of digging, it turns out that this is a limit of the PDFLib Lite engine that seems to be the basis of the PDF output in Haiku: with PDFLib, to get even basic features like font subsetting or even the ability to use system fonts in documents you have to buy the multi-thousand dollar closed-source commercial edition. Given that Ghostscript makes great PDFs with all the expected features, I think it might make sense to move to Ghostscript as a PDF-creation backend.

Hi mjkerpan,

you may want to repost this on the developer mailing list and also ask there if you should file an enhancement ticket in the bugtracker for that. The forums are not much frequented by the Haiku devs.


Dunno if this is the right place to ask, but…

I have a Brother HL-2040 printer. I can’t seem to print with it, in Haiku, no matter what native driver I try. The best I can get is a bunch of garbled characters or something. I found out the HL-2040 is a “GDI” (Windows-specific) laser printer. However, it works fine in Ubuntu, which is not Windows and it worked fine in MacOS X 10.3, as well.

Is there any driver or software that will enabled me to print on this printer, in Haiku? I’ve looked into Ghostscript, but not sure if that software is working in Haiku or not… or whether it would work for the HL-2040 at all, either.

It’s a great little printer and I’d like to think there must be SOME way of making it usable in Haiku, too!