Usb wifi dongle

Hi, currently usb wifi dongles works in Haiku? I am about to set up Haiku to an old core2duo machine and i want to know which wifi to buy.


Practically none. Buy a pci one or a minipci adapter and a minipci card.

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I see. The problem is that it is a mini pc with no pci. I will fall back to ethernet.
Any idea when this will be plausible?

Check the motherboard maybe it sports a minipci slot.

Dell optiplex 755 usff.

Your only option is wired connection then.

Since the router is far away, powerline ethernet.

what about a ethernet to wifi adapter this should work - not tested. I thinking about this solution since also have not supported wifi card in my notebook

Like? send a link.

In the case of the dongle, it has a flash memory with wifi drivers. Would have to have drivers specifically for Haiku. This is a problem that can be solved

Yes, you could use one of these wifi routers that can work in “reverse” mode (being a client on wifi and a dhcp server on wired ethernet). For example this one (it’s not manufactured anymore, but with some research you could find newer ones that do similar things):

But powerline ethernet will work just as well and is probably simpler to set up, because these devices usually create a new network (with different ip ranges, separate dhcp server, etc) and that can sometimes be a problem (say if you want to run a server on that machine and have it accessible from other machines in your network).

If you have an old spare router, you could look into installing OpenWRT or DD-WRT on it. Those alternative firmwares allow any (supported) router to work in client mode.

Around $40, it also allows wired connection to WiFi. Confirmed to work with Haiku on my MacBook Pro.