USB Wacom Tablet driver

Wacom Model: FT-0405-UV1.4-2

Manufacturer: Wacom
Vendor ID: 0x056a
Device/Product ID: 0x0060

Description: This Graphic tablet is working great in ZETA, but it is not recognized by HAIKU yet. This tablet was/is included in the wacom- “colorelli” bundle for children. Maybe someone is looking into this.

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I did not remember my own old post here!

Because someone seems to work on the wacom driver these days, this little info might help to get it working!?

“Wacom Co., Ltd” “FT-0405 [Volito, PenPartner, PenStation (4x5)]” ver. 0142

You’ll want to follow this ticket I think…

thanks but still not working!?