USB on R5

Is it possible to use Haiku’s usb kit on r5 yet, to read a flash drive?

You should probably use the stack from revision 25657 more on


You should be able to get USB for UHCI & EHCI to work on BeOS. Not sure how far along OHCI is or if it’ll work. Change log:

So, if you have Intel OR VIA motherboard OR USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device & motherboard then USB should work.

You may also need to install Storage Module in BeOS to see the flash drive ( not sure if this was put into Haiku’s USB - don’t believe so ). Section 4.2 of the Readme is very helpful. Look over it.

Yes, OHCI should work as well I believe. Several have reported that it’s working for them with input devices which is most important I would guess for this low-speed bus.

While compatibility with R5 was a nice thing to have until now, it’s not necessarily a primary goal for Haiku to retain this compatibility. This is why nutela suggests using a slightly older revision, because the usb_hid driver has ceased to be compatible with R5 any longer - and it’s likely that other parts will follow as the USB stack matures.

Michael Lotz (mmlr) himself still uses R5 BONE for his daily OS (including his Haiku development), but he also recognizes that it’s necessary to break away from R5 eventually in order to take advantage of the advancements made in Haiku and write cleaner/better code for the long term. Michael does suggest in the above noted ticket that he may re-introduce compatibility with R5 in the future, but it’s not a priority.

So, don’t be sad if the parts of Haiku you want in R5 stop working - be happy that Haiku is getting closer to usability every day :slight_smile: