USB mouse on Thinkpad - pointer, no buttons

I plugged in a USB keyboard & mouse, on my T450s Thinkpad. Everything started working right away, except the mouse buttons.

Input lists 7 input devices:

  • Trackpoint 1
  • AT Keyboard 1
  • PS/2 Touchpad 1
  • USB Keyboard 3
  • USB Keyboard 2
  • USB Keyboard 1
  • USB Mouse 1

Trackpoint 1 mouse buttons are detected. All devices there work as expected, concurrently, except USB Mouse 1 buttons.

The mouse buttons work on a ca. 10 year old Macbook Pro.

This is a “Cherry Stream Desktop”, wireless with USB dongle. Haiku hrev 57434.

(No idea why the keyboard appears as 3 different devices.)

It’s a limitation of the current USB HID driver.

Can you share the HID descriptor for the mouse? It should be found in /tmp, with a filename based on the USB vendor and deviceIDs (which you can find in the listdev command).

A syslog would also be helpful to see if there are any USB related errors.

I don’t think the mouse shows up in /tmp. I have three usb_hid_report_descriptor files, same device 0, 1 and 2. Boot with the mouse switched off, same 3. Those would presumably be the keyboard trinity.

I’ll file a bug and include the syslog. Only thing I see is “usb_hid: keyboard device unhandled control 0x00002710” I was just thinking there might be some obvious step I was missing.