USB dock network not working

I recently got a new USB 3 hub with an Ethernet port, but although USB ports including the PD port work fine, networking does not, can’t connect.

Adapter is a Dockteck USB C Dock Ethernet:

USB C Hub HDMI 4K 60Hz, 6 in 1 Dockteck USB C Dock Ethernet, MacBook Pro Adapter iPad mit LAN RJ45, 2 USB-C Port Daten 100W PD, 2 USB 3.0, HDMI

(Ethernet chipset unknown yet but will find out)

A similar adapter worked fine before, but I had to return it as it was not mine.

I need this to get network access in Haiku, since I sadly still can’t connect to my WiFi even with the excellent progress on the Intel wlan driver recently, which allows me to browse networks and get to the authentication prompt, but doesn’t connect, although the password is correct.

@waddlesplash regarding the wifi issue above, should I reopen and add this to #14298 ([8086:3165] Intel iwm driver not loading for idualwifi7260) – Haiku ?
Works fine under Manjaro Linux.


i does not see any details about the network driver needed for this apater

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Sorry I couldn’t find this out yet but will check the logs, esp. in Linux where it works, also asked on the product page.

Please make a new issue, if we find out it is the same problem we can merge it with the older one.

Under Linux you can use lsusb to find out. Under Haiku you can use listusb. Please share the result of that and open a ticket.

Under Haiku: first run listusb to list all devices. See if you can identify the ethernet controller in the list. Then listusb -v /dev/bus/usb/... (using the path identified in the previous step) to get a more complete report about it. From that we can see if it’s possible to get a driver (port one from BSD or write one)


AFAIK iOS implements EEM so no specific driver is needed for USB Communication devices class.
Multiple Ethernet frames are encapsulated in the USB Transfer without requiring a dedicated driver but I think the USB stack needs to know how to handle CDC.

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We have some adpaters in our haiku hardware list

Haiku Hardware Database (

I test this one: Generic 300Mbps WiFi Wireless Bridge Wireless Repeater AP VAP11G-300 - Buy Generic 300Mbps WiFi Wireless Bridge Wireless Repeater AP VAP11G-300 Online at Low Price in India - and runs fine.

I really didn’t expect this to be an issue and thought it would be detected as normal USB network device, like @Nexus-6 suggested.
Anyway, this is the info I got:


Manufacturer: ASIX
Serial #: 00000000000001
Class: 255 (Vendor Specific Class)
Subclass: 255 (Vendor Specific Subclass)
Protocol: 0
USB Version: 3.20
Vendor ID: 0x0b95 (ASIX Electronics Corp.)
Product ID: 0x1790 (AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet)

Speed: 5 000 Mbit/s
Channels: 0
Max. Packet Size: 9

According to this forum entry, the device is supported in BSD via the axge driver since 2014:

but sadly has throughput problems (with which I could live for now):
(would be another opportunity for Haiku to shine and provide a fix back to BSD:)