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Hi there everyone. Since I made my first contribution to the project, I thought making a blog post about it would be helpful. I’m excited to know your thoughts on the changes that have been made to the Find Panel. Most of the current changes are made with ease of use kept in mind.

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Great progress, keep up the good work where we will all benifit from! :+1:


Great Work! Thank You !

Nice work!

Some observations: The “Search in Trash” command is worded as if it was a command. If it is a separate action to regular “Search”, it seems fine titled that way, but then I would expect it as a button next to the “Search” button.

If on the other hand it is an option that can be toggled on and off, I would expect it to be named in a way that makes it more clear that it is an option, not an action. For example “Include Trash” or, if we want to be more verbose, “Include Results Inside Trash”. But then, too, I would expect it to be in the client area and not the menu.

In the menu, I expect actions to manage saved searches and simple view options for the UI, whereas the controls influencing the search itself are in the client area of the window.

My second point of criticism would be the design of the “History” option. There is enough free space, so there isn’t really a need for nesting the menus as deep.

How about listing the last 4 or so saved searches in the “Query” menu, like a regular MRU list in a “File” menu? Not sure what the Haiku HIG say about MRU lists, but I think it would be good to be consistent with other applications in that respect.

Then a new main menu named “History” could be added right next to “Templates”, showing the last few queries that were searched, whether they were saved or not.

That way none of these history items would be more than one menu level away.

The “Clear Templates” and “Clear History” items could then also move into the respective menu. That way, they would be more easily discoverable to the user at precisely the time they would be relevant. If I look at the history and think “oh, there is so much stuff, I don’t find the thing I need easily, I’d like to clear it”, having the menu item right there instead of having them go back and forth from the “Options” menu makes more sense I think.

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Nice UI improvement. Putting the lesser used options into the menu makes the UI look cleaner. :+1:

Any chance of adding a STOP button?
So many times I find what I want in nano seconds and it just keeps searching through my thousands of files!


Many of your suggestion were also mentioned in the code review at Gerrit. Once it’s merged we can have another round of fine-tuning if necessary. Other issues e.g. touching temporary queries and templates may disappear once planned future changes are made.

What’s a “MRU list”?

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Most recently used things…


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