Upgrade Mesa, how feasible?


I looked at Godot 2.1.5 and 3.1-alpha5 which seem to work (per its developers). Still, Mesa implementation fixes resolves some of the ‘smaller’ rendering issues.


Have you got past the splash screen?


…would be great news if you could confirm Godot 3.1-alpha5 is working!


Yes. Although, I haven’t run your mentioned test demo or the demos on the Godot website under Haiku (see: https://youtu.be/R6HD1L4dqMg).

Does any of those demos work for you at all?


I’ve only tested the one I wrote by calling it through Godot from the command line. I didn’t get any graphics output in the window. I only saw the results of button presses as indicated by print statements that display in the terminal. As such, I can see it possible to write an old school text adventure in Godot. That’s as far as I’ve got. What overrides are you using? I assume Haiku x86_64?


Looks like GLES 2 support has returned for Godot 3.1. this sounds like a good thing for near term usability in Haiku.


Haiku x86_64. The overrides I mentioned early will not work in all cases as you’ll
need at least Mesa 18.1
for OpenGL 3.1-compliant programs to render and work properly.


Any recipe for 18.1? This seems to be a breaking point for Godot.


Yes. I currently maintain a Haikuports recipe for Mesa 18.3.1 (current). Builds on Haiku R1B1 x86 and x86_64. Mesa library seems fine. Some reworking on the mesa_swpipe driver patching still needed.


I must have missed it.



I looked at the ports tree again and couldn’t find it. I found the 17.1.10 and 7.9.2 recipes.


For referencing:

Haikuports - Legacy Mesa 18.x work:

NOTE: Mesa 18.x needs further patch work for full mesa_swpipe driver functionality. Mesa 18.3.1 was the last stable release I tested to compile on Haiku.



I can see the conversation. I see file names with paths in the conversation hinting that 18.x recipes are in the tree. But I still don’t see any 18.x files in the tree when looking at a freshly pulled repo, or directly querying through GitHub.


The recipes and patchsets are within those conversation links. You can view and copy/download from there to update Mesa from the tree.

Wait till the core developers have time to fix a few things. They are already aware of the issues (as mentioned in those links). :grin:


So until there is some form of official release, anyone wanting to try the code and work with it has to manually copy and paste code and apply diffs by hand? That kinda defeats the purpose of git, at least in my view.


Disclaimer: Use only what is submitted in the Haikuports tree initially.

If you are working on bumping Mesa and using git, follow the first conversation link to kallisti5’s Mesa git work and pull from there. His main instructions for testing his Mesa work are there (unless they changed). You can fork from there at your leisure. That is the official core dev Mesa work to follow (unless said otherwise).



Applause to Dragon, Bullfrog, and Cocobean for taking the initiative on Mesa and related 3D updates. Having some updates on the 3D infrastructure is a nice step forward.


Thanks. I have been using the main install of 17.1.10. Sorry I missed the link to kallistis git in the tl;dr. I’m just wanting to test Godot against what we have to see what’s working. I realize known issues are being worked on. 17.1.10 isn’t working for this. I’m just trying not to duplicate work by piecing it together from scratch. Nor am I trying to say work faster. I appreciate everyone’s efforts and how well everything is working so far. I have over a dozen installs of Haiku on various machines. Breaking things and data loss don’t scare me. I have my important stuff isolated from development/testing platforms.


Godot 3.1 Beta released!


Yes, because cocbean submitted the pull requests, but then deleted the branch he submitted it from. So now there isn’t an easy way to checkout the code using git, and his work will probably be lost because it’s too annoying to recover. We told him it is annoying to do that, but…