Updating Haiku, refreshing repository failed!


And then when clicking update (as it does show the updated contents) says “Failed to download Package make file engine”

same as if you go through the Depot and hit update.

any ideas on how to fix this guys?


Read the forum:


Thanks mate, awesome!!! appreciate the help/link.

Love your work.


Still can’t get this to work, after updating the links, and running pkupdate it fails everytime half way through. Kinda like it times out halfway through downloading one of the files.

Any further updates on this?


Hello Vanne. just to check, could share us a pic of the Repositories configuration?


If you’re on VirtualBox, make sure to configure its network correctly, see Troubleshooting of the VB guide.


gday guys, yeah not on a virtual box, stock Macbook , which works great. :slight_smile:
un_spacyar, carbon copies of the before mention repo configs…

ill copy and paste as i did in my term.


Nightly (unstable) builds

Add the recommended stock nightly repositories:

pkgman add https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haiku/master/$(getarch)/current

pkgman add https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/$(getarch)/current

Update to the latest packages:

pkgman update

Reboot once complete:
shutdown -r

end of pasting :wink:

Thanks in advance for trying to help. I guess if this keeps up, i could resort to installing a complete new Nightly…


Got it, updated to the new , just posted respositories and pkupdate worked a treat.

Sweet !

Hmm Net+ doesnt work any more. :confused: