Update GUI / User Guide translations in time for Beta3

Hi everyone!

[I’ve sent this mail to the haiku-i18n mailing list as well, crossposting here for max exposure.]

As you’re probably aware, the Beta3 release is looming

The cut-off for the interface translations at Pootle continues to be 60%. All translators are encouraged to make an extra release-effort to bring their language (at least close) to 100%, all language managers are urged to check and approve waiting submissions.

Same goes for the User Guide (though with a higher cut-off, maybe 80%? Can’t remember…). Since Beta2, there have been a few changes here and there, so languages that were about 100% back then may need a few blocks updated.

More info on translations in general:


I have checked the current state of translations:

  • No new language has reached over 60% since the beta 2 release
  • Croatian is currently at 58%, if no progress is made, we would have to remove it from beta 3
  • Korean, Hindi, Bulgarian, Czech and Norwegian were already under 60% in beta2 and are still under 60%, but not so far from it (somewhere between 45 and 60%), it would be nice to get them a bit more complete so we can include them
  • Languages that are already available on Pootle, but need a lot more work: Punjabi, Slovenian, Arabic (but it can’t be displayed due to lack of right-to-left text support in Haiku), Serbian (both latin and cyrillic versions), Macedonian, Maori, Low German, Persian (and Na’vi, but that is of less practical use)
  • If you would like to start a new translation, get in touch with the translation team and we can set it up on Pootle.

Thanks for your help!


Perhaps it might be good to put out a blog post as well so more people will see it?

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I think could be a good idea if you bring an option to change the shines on the buttons control look, or just an option to take away those shines, i think they saturate vision and is not need. Maybe if i can just chante the intensity or the colors, but is always the same intese white… if i change the theme color to black and the fonts to white, then that shine confuse a lot and is very ugly :C

In the other hand i cant even compile the source for the old control looks on Hakilo n,n then can be a good idea if the default theme have more options at less.


This thread is about translating languages, not positions.

Do we use the same threshold for removing translations as adding them?
I would expect to add them with ,6 or ,65 and remove them if they fall under ,57 or ,55 so we avoid including languages in every second release only. Are these rules written down somewhere?

The author or somebody should adjust the control look source. Have you contacted the original author already? I’d start with that.

The rules are written in the announcement on the haiku-i18n mailing list before each release. There is no need for a threshold usually because when people start translating, they don’t stop at 60% but instead translate as much as possible. If something is around 60%, either it is work in progress, or it is mostly unmaintained and slowly degrading.

The 60% rule is also not fixed and we will probably progressively raise the bar as more languages get completed. It is a compromise between providing a somewhat large selection of languages, and avoiding half-translated systems, which ends up being more confusing because you need to learn the vocabulary twice (in english and in another language) and do the “mapping” between the two.

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Translations should be finished before 17 July 2021.


I have access to interface translations, which I’m collaborating to, but I don’t have access to documentation translations. What should I do to be added as docs translator?

Please see the User Guide part of the i18n wiki.

I suspect anyone interested enough to help out is already reading the forums or i18n mailing list.

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A blog post is better. For instance, if someone who is speaking Arabic stumbles upon that post and would like to translate Haiku into Arabic would also be willing to help fixing the complex scripts support in Haiku. You never know.

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Yes, it is good idea, but Haiku is changing that all the time, that is why i prefer more control in the default control look, cause it will have more support, the unofficial control looks will cause me KDL with some updates on the main source… and the default control look no, but the default control look have those shines are very bad for my scheme of colors.