Update doesnt go

I try the beta on a IBM Thinkpad Z61t. I boot from USB. So, first I will do is update the system.
I start the “Software Updater” and he tells me, that he has found 75 parcels for me and I start update. After two seconds the error appears:
“Failed to download package haiku_userguide_it”.

The Repositories are
haiku -> points to eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/
haikuPorts -> points to eu.hpkg.kaiku-os.org/

What can I do?


Is there enough free space in your system partition? The nightly images come with a small but almost full partition, for example, so it’s possible that updates just run out of disk space. You can create a larger partition using DriveSetup and install to that, and then updates can work better. Or you can just remove some packages from /system/packages to reduce the size of the update.

That could be it. I have now created and installed a 13GB partition on the same USB stick. Everything was installed and the boot sector was written. After new start /boot is still the “old” haiku. Do I have to change anything to make it boot from the installed haiku?


You should mark the new partition as active in the MBR. Unfortunately there is no way to do that in Haiku after creating the partition.

Alternatively you can install our boot manager (available from Installer menu), which will allow you to select which of the two partitions you want to boot from.

Or of course you can simply delete the first one.

Hi. I have the same problem: cannot update my system from hrev52295_96-1 to hrev52295-129… or install some apps from HaikuDepot because this apps can be installed only on the updated system.
(Haiku installed on the hard drive in the partition 50 Gb)

Obviously not the same, as neo67 ran out of disk space. :slight_smile:

I just reinstalled a Beta1 image and ran the update OK.
Please post the output of pkgman list and pkgman update in Terminal to see if they give any clues.

I made the commands you told and it began to update but stoped at 88%.
I waited for an hour and nothing happend.
I am attaching all screenshots with the commands.

All was updated.
PS: I made command “pkgman update” for 3 times and all was updated.
I think this command download and update for one package at one time but app Haiku Depot downloads all packages and after that began to update.

Our of curiosity, was it in VirtualBox? In this case selecting Intel pro1000 in VM settings instead of default PCnet network card could fix download issues you’re having.

No. not in VB.
On the old (10 years) real notebook.
However Linux distroes in some time loses (forever) wifi configuration on this notebook. New installed distro find wifi but loses in some time again. I cann’t fix it. Maybe the network card don’t want to work.

Doing this worked for me on VirtualBox. Thanks :blush: