Update Discourse and Trac to latest versions?

After doing some checking and research, I’ve noticed that Haiku currently runs Discourse 2.5 and Trac 1.4.

The latest version of Discourse is 2.6 which was released today. The release notes are here:

The latest version of Trac is 1.4.2 which was released in June. Release notes are here:

Discourse 2.6 has many improvements and bug fixes, and Trac 1.4.2 is a maintenance release which focuses on bug fixes and stability improvements, so it might be a good idea to install these updates.


If I remember well what was said during previous updates, for some of functionalities that we often use, Trac needs plug-ins. Problem is that people need the new Trac version to develop new version of these. So, it introduces a delay.
Also, by the past, updates have not all run smoothly. We barely noticed it as users because admins did a very good job but it was Hell for them. Now, they are very cautious about these little things that can lead to big problems. Digging in Haiku-dev mailing lists archives, you may find some examples.

The situation is a bit better now, as there was some large rework of the infrastructure to better separate the different services (using Docker containers and other modern tools that didn’t exist when the previous iteration was set up).

However, as with everything else, it needs someone with a bit of time to test the new version, make sure it’s all working fine, and then put it in production.

If you want to help, all the infrastructure is run from https://github.com/haiku/infrastructure and you can, if you want, deploy your own Haiku test server at home.

I don’t expect too much problems with a minor point-release of Trac. Things can be more complicated with larger updates, in particular Trac 1.6 which will finally switch from Python 2 to Python 3.

It doesn’t look like the Haiku version of Discourse runs any plugins or anything, so maybe we could upgrade Discourse first?

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It was updated 4 days before you asked ;)

This version also includes support for a dark mode, It would be nice if an administrator here could enable it (I couldn’t find the config file in the infrastructure anywhere, so can’t really do it as a patch):

Enabling dark mode requires having a dark mode theme available, which isn’t the case at the moment.

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According to https://meta.discourse.org/t/updating-themes-and-plugins-to-support-automatic-dark-mode/161595 this might need some updating for our theme.

Does someone know where it is stored so I can take a look?