Update breakage? User warnings

Maybe put this here to warn on currently build/updated packages that could brake some other parts.

Starting of with a notice that rav1e is being build atm, libavif1.0 depends on this and will need a revbump once rav1e is finished at the buildmasters.
libavif1.0 is one of the libraries in use by WebPositive, so if you see an update passing by on rav1e without libavif1.0 hold off untill both are available to install.


There are some ways of finding out if/what is broken, one of the items to check is the following link (at “this” moment you can see the brakeage for rav1e).



I selected option 1, leaving out rav1e from repository…other packages are being downloaded and installed. hope this is ok

I will reboot and see if everything is ok


If you skip offending packages you should be safe, at “this” moment libavif1.0 is bulding on the buildmasters, once done the reports above should be clean again. :slight_smile:

Rebooted…no issues…thanks

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Clean again. :smiley:

That was fast

Updated again. All OK