Unzip question

How can I unzip the contents of the archive without a file path.

example: filename.zip unzips filename/files, but i do not want the folder “filename” unzipped.

Not tested in Haiku (I don’t have my Haiku machine near now), but based in what I found here: unzip(1) - Linux man page (die.net) you can try with the -j parameter.

For example:

unzip -j MyFile.zip

From Haiku’s unzip --help (it doesn’t has its man page installed :smiley: );

-j[=N] junk paths (strip all/top-N dirs)

So, unzip -j=1 filename.zip should work for @lelldorin’ s case.

Using just -j will unzip everything in the current directory (will skip ALL the directories). It will ask to overwrite files if more than one file shares the same name, in that case.