Unpacking an old .pkg file without Haiku


I am the creator of the old TrackerBase system for BeOS. I no longer use BeOS/Haiku, but I would like to have a look at my old source code and possibly publish it for posterity. Looks like back in the day I packaged it as a BeOS .pkg file and didn’t save the source. I now use MacOS and can’t seem to open the .pkg file on the Mac. Is there a trick for doing this?

If not, can I ask a current BeOS/Haiku user to unpack that file and provide the source code as a tarball or zip? I’m sure it’ll be embarrassing to look back on, code-quality-wise, but would like to have a look. You can download the .pkg from the link above.

Thanks much!

  • Scot


We have a tool for installing pkg files, https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/src/apps/packageinstaller but it isn’t designed to run outside Haiku.

I’ll have a look when I’m back from work, if no one else takes care of it during the day.


Hi Scot, long time no see! :smile:

I uploaded a zipped version at https://linx.li/trackerbase.zip

If you find more old .pkg to unpack, or want to give Haiku a spin, Haiku should run in Parallels Desktop and comes with a “LegacyPackageInstaller”. It does take some querying to find those spread around files though… I hope I got it all (just “apps” and “bin”).


@humdinger Fantastic, thanks so much! Got it. Yep, as expected, it’s embarassing to look back on. Perl, ye gods!

Much appreciated, cheers. I’ll put this up on github this weekend.


TrackerBase is now published here. Thanks again!


Thanks for saving your “antique BeOS perl system” for posterity. :smile: